I don’t know if any of you  read labels on body care products? There are a lot of ingredients in these  products  that are just not that healthy. The one I am referring to is aluminium in deodorants.  I feel for cancer patients this is a “no no” There could be a link regarding Deodorant and breast cancer. I came across this article which I would like to share with you.

Deodorant: Breast cancer

An article from the 20 minutes newspaper from yesterday says, “Geneva. A study has highlighted the adverse effects on breast cells in vitro with the aluminium salts found in deodorants. It does not, however, evidence that it causes breast cancer. Researchers at the University of Geneva have developed culture models of human breast cells with doses of aluminium salts from 1500 to 100 000 times lower than those present in conventional deodorants. After several weeks, an abnormal behaviour of the cells was observed, corresponding to early stages of malignant transformation. ” (

Although this study does not prove the link between breast cancer and aluminium salts, it demonstrates its harmfulness to the mammary glands. So why use a deodorant that contains such an  ingredient that is questionable, when there are deodorants containing safer ingredients  and without risk to our health. I suggest you visit a reputable health shop and ask the necessary questions. Also I suggest you get into the habit of reading labels not only on body products, but also on skin care products, and food.  If you don’t understand the content of the label, I suggest you leave it alone.

Prof. Celene Bernstein

082 3388185


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