I have been interested in the field of alternative health for 38 years. I have a B.A. degree in remedial teaching from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and taught mentally challenged children for many years. Subsequently I taught normal children in the local government schools, where I came across many learning problems which might have been overlooked but for my experience with the mentally challenged. I realised the great urgency to change the eating patterns of these children, if parents wanted better behaviour, improved health and better learning skills. I achieved amazing results, regarding improved behaviour and tremendous improvement in learning skills, as well as improved health. In fact, many children on Ritalin were able to reduce their dosage and others did not take it anymore.

I pursued my knowledge by studying Health and Nutritional Science at the American College of Health Science, known as the Life Science Institute in Austin,Texas, U.S.A. They have subsequently moved to Canada.

I was awarded a professorship in an honourary capacity by the Life Science Institute because of a thesis I wrote “How the body acts on the food we eat”.
The thesis maintains that the body is a highly intelligent organism which, if given the right conditions, is able to maintain the individual in a continual state of good health.

I give lectures, run seminars for executive companies and institutions and write articles for various magazines. I appear on radio and T.V. where my sole concern is to spread the information on a variety of topical health issues.
I train medical doctors, health professionals on how to improve their patient’s health, using a brand of formulations that not only deal with damage in the body but can also be safely taken with conventional medication. These formulations are “pharmaceutically powerful, naturally safe”
I also do private consulting

My passion goes beyond the cosmetic aspect of dietetics and beauty care. I work persistently to promote healthier eating, with an emphasis on eating more natural foods, as well as the addition of necessary vitamins and minerals.

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